E-shops 2012: Unfair commercial practices on the top

(Final report of 2012)

(Prague, February, 2013) More and more consumers spend increasingly more money in e-shops when using the internet to buy various goods and to order services. Vendors have taken the chance and traditional shops have also opened their e-shops providing attractive offers. However, not all of them operate the e-shops in compliance with the legal regulations. They use the anonymity of the virtual environment to offer goods that are not available at the moment of the order or to deliver used or incomplete products instead of new goods and they also sell goods which shall never be delivered to consumers who paid in advance. Besides this knowledge, the CTIA officers frequently detect various breaches of information obligations relating to the sellers, goods or services as well as consumer rights and they also detect various other illegal conducts related to the withdrawal from the contract or the claims procedure. In 2012, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority checked about 1,200 e-shops and found breaches of the obligations in 82% of the cases. Almost 900 fines totally amounting to more than 4.3 million CZK were imposed.

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