Fines on “crooks” reached 21 million

(Final report of 2013)

(Prague, February 18, 2014) Evaluation of all-year inspection activities of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority focused on contracts concluded away from business premises, especially sales demonstration events, proved that this form of selling belongs among the most problematic fields. Sellers are often aggressive and offers concern poor quality products. In addition, such commercial activities are of high social hazards. Despite all previous information and warnings by the CTIA, only after the release of the documentary Crooks (Šmejdi) the risky way of selling aimed at senior consumers, people with low financial literacy or members of socially vulnerable groups became widely recognized by both laic and professional public. All through the year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority continued within the trend started in 2011 and continuously monitored and inspected activities of the most aggressive companies in the market. In the consequence to its previous findings, CTIA imposed high sanctions for repeated violations of laws and in cases when sanctions were not effective enough, trade licensing offices were suggested to cancel trade licences of respective entities.   Within 365 inspections, inspectors detected breaches of vendors’ obligations in 262 cases that most frequently concerned use of unfair commercial practices, including aggressive practices. During 2013, a total of 172 fines amounting to more than 21 million CZK became effective. Other proceedings have not ended yet.

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