German speaking inspectors confused marketers

(Prague, September 18, 2014) CTIA inspectors collected a record number of counterfeits amounting to 8.5 million CZK at the Dragoun marketplaace which has been the highest amount since 2011! On Friday 13 inspectors of the Plzeňský region accompanied by the Alien Police visited the Dragoun marketplace in Cheb. They managed to get to three storages full of counterfeits – thanks to invention of inspectors who acted as German speaking customers and claimed that they wanted something “original”. Two storages were completely full of textile goods of various global trademarks and the third store contained counterfeits of luxury handbags, including metal signs that marketers fix on no-name handbags. Another success was a store with a watch workshop where not only complete watches but also machines were found.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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