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Dear guests,

welcome to Prague, the heart of Europe, and the city of Ostrava! We wish you a pleasant stay. We would like you to bring home only the most pleasant experience from your visit and hence let us give you some advice to help you in your commercial transactions. If you have any problems with Czech traders or questions concerning your consumer rights or the following guidelines, please contact the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. Its advisory and information service in Prague is available daily from 8 a.m. to 16 p.m. (E-mail: infoCa-coi. cz. Phone:+420 731 553 875, fax 296 366 199, Office: Štěpánská Str. 15, other contact: The advisory and information service in Ostrava is available from 8 a.m. to 15.30 p.m. (Phone: +420 731 553 894; Office: Provozní Str. 1, Ostrava).

We wish you a wonderful stay in Prague and Ostrava.

Some advice for consumers in the Czech Republic:
• Vendors have to be indicated with their business names, identification numbers (ICO) and title the person responsible. If you don’t receive this information, avoid any contact. Don’t shop by streets vendors, nor change money with them.
• Goods have to be clearly priced. Ask for the receipt. If they don’t give you one, don’t buy!
• Taxis are obliged to display their rates. It’s the duty of the driver to switch on the taximeter at the beginning of the ride, and to give you a printed bill from the taximeter at the end of the ride. If the driver doesn’t give you a receipt, don’t pay.
• In restaurants, there must be a published menu and drink list with prices (in fast food restaurants, on the menu board). If the quality or quantity is not acceptable, refuse it. Don’t pay more than the listed price. The consumer has to be acquainted with the cover charge. Tips are an expression of your satisfaction with the service given.
• Different prices billed to foreigner for provision of the same service (especially in restaurants and accommodation facilities) means consumer discrimination and is not acceptable. It’s your right to be informed. If this doesn’t happen, leave.
• Ask for the complete information about selected products or services in advance. It’s your right to be informed. If this is not possible, leave.
• Shopping at open markets is not trouble-free. You risk purchasing a product of lower quality or with a phony brand name, or pirated copyrighted audio and video cassettes.

If you get in one of these situations, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Our inspectors are prepared to help you.

Prague and Ostrava Inspectorates of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority
– the state body of market surveillance and consumer protection

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