Jiří Fröhlich is the new spokesperson of the CTIA

(Prague, August 4, 2014) Jiří Fröhlich has become the new spokesperson of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. He will be in charge of activities related to external communication. The Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority selected him to be the new spokesperson.

Jiří Fröhlich has had 15 years of experience working in the media. He already started his carrier at secondary school when he worked as a moderator of a regional radio station. He spent five years at the radio Černá Hora and then joined the radio station Frekvence 1 as a news moderator. From 2007 till May 2014 he worked as a news reporter and editor at TV Prima. Jiří Fröhlich has a master degree in Social and media Communication. He used to cover consumer topics related to fuels quality, unfair commercial practices as well as unfair vendors.


Mobile: +420 602 105 376
Phone: +420 296 366 233
E-mail: mluvci@coi.cz

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