LPG and diesel samples failed again in December

(Monitoring of fuel quality in December 2013)

(Prague, January 14, 2014)
In December, a total of 166 samples of petrol, diesel fuel, fuel blends, FAME, LPG, CNG, and ethanol were collected and 5 of them failed technical regulations, i.e. 3%. Three collected samples of LPG exceeded limit contents of sulphur up to three times, thus, it can be assumed that such deviations were a result of a production defect or it was intentionally manipulated with the motor fuel. Excessive content of sulphur in two samples of LPG was already detected by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority in November. Two diesel fuel samples failed in terms of flash point which in one case was 49°C and in the other 47°C while the appropriate technical standard requires at least 53°C. Lower level of flash point is a frequently detected seasonal deviation from the standard, especially in the period during which operators of filling stations switch to the so called winter diesel.


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