Meeting of representatives of Czech and Polish trade inspection authorities

(Prague, June 27, 2013) Ostrava will host the first ever meeting of the representatives of market surveillance authorities of the Czech Republic and Poland, namely the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority Vladimír Velčovský and the vice-president of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection Malgorzata Kozak.

The meeting will be held in Ostrava on June 28, 2013. Malgorzata Kozak accepted the invitation by Vladimír Velčovský in order to share experience in the field of market surveillance. In the seat of the Moravskoslezský and Olomoucký Inspectorate of the CTIA the both parties will provide information on their activities and objectives of the both surveillance authorities and will discuss possibilities of further cooperation which has so far been carried out only on purpose, for example within technical inspection of risky products or in border regions. A press release shall provide information about the results of the meeting.

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