Motor petrol with problems, oils complied with standards (Monitoring of fuel quality in July 2012)

(Prague, August 21, 2012) Inspectors of the CTIA belong to the customers of filling stations also in the summer months. The controls of fuel quality are carried out non-stop and their number will increase up to 3,000 till the end of this year as decided by the Minister of Industry and Trade.  In July, totally 223 fuel samples were taken, including 3 motor petrol samples which failed the required quality. Lawful decisions on fines imposed for breaches of fuel quality are available at

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0821-monitoring-of-fuels-january-july-2012.xls (, 39.00 KB)

0821-comparison-of-the-overall-results-with-the-results-of-the-cappo-member-companies-july-2012.xls (, 28.50 KB)

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