Pregnancy tests – reliability

(Prague, July 30, 2014) Inspectors of the Technical Inspection Department of the CTIA focused on inspections of pregnancy tests, i.e. in vitro diagnostic devices for self-testing, in order to check functioning of these medical devices intended for use by laics at home. Laboratory analysis concerned 15 pregnancy tests collected in the retail market. Despite the fact that according to the results of a referential laboratory all collected samples correctly detected early stage of pregnancy, i.e. at latest on the day of expected menstruation, cases can occur when gravidity is not noticed when the test is used too early. Pregnancy test reliably confirms or disproves pregnancy only on the day of expected menstruation and negative result gained within self-testing before this day can be misleading. Therefore it is necessary that women follow recommendation in the package leaflet attached to the pregnancy test and visit a physician who would confirm or disprove pregnancy.

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