Sellers, producers, and importers still breach Act on Packaging

(Final Report of 2013)

(Prague, January 7, 2014) Subjects that place on the market any types of packaging shall respect a number of provisions stipulated in the Act on Packaging which is supervised by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. Surveillance especially concerns compliance with limits of heavy metals content in packaging as well as responsibility to ensure safe take-back of packaging. Among others, vendors are obliged to comply with provisions concerning returnable deposit packaging. Inspectors detected breaches of the Act on Packaging in ca 5% of 840 inspections. However, most frequently they discovered failure to correctly bill prices for repurchased returnable packages as stipulated by the Act on Consumer Protection. So far, a total of 73 fines amounting to almost 100,000 CZK have been imposed and fines for more serious infringements will be imposed in administrative proceedings during the following period.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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