Take Time Before Signing a Travel Contract

(Report on inspections of travel agencies and tour operators from first to third quarter of 2012)

(Prague, November 29, 2012) Catalogues of tour operators and travel agencies offer the last tours and stays of this year and will soon start offering all various temptations for the next year. It is thus the time to evaluate the inspections of entrepreneurs in the field of tourism carried out by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority on the grounds of complaints of unsatisfied clients and monitoring of the field in the first three quarters of 2012. The results of the inspections have shown that the entrepreneurs in the field of tourism still breach obligations as provided by the legal regulations. The rate of the detected infringements has grown by 10% when compared to the previous year. In 89 of the 231 controls carried out, the inspectors found breaches of one or more obligations especially concerning the information about the consumer rights to claim, the use of unfair commercial practices, failure to inform about the price, and incorrect settlement of claims. The CTIA cooperates with professional associations in order to raise legal literacy of entrepreneurs in tourist industry and will keep monitoring this field.

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