Unlabelled light chains can endanger users’ health

(Prague, September 5, 2013) They are cheap, good for parties and family celebrations, with sound effects, but they have a serious shortcoming – they are dangerous. “Expert assessment of five light chains collected in the internal market showed that these products fail the requirements of harmonized standards in a number of parameters and their labelling does not comply with the appropriate legal regulations. When the electric cord is plugged in or when the product is used wrongly, users can easily get injured by electric current. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority banned distribution of all five dangerous light chains and ordered their withdrawal from the market. If you have happened to purchase some of these chains, you shall return them to the seller of throw them. You shall not use them,” recommends Vladimír Velčovský, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. Documentation concerning all the above mentioned dangerous electronic products was sent to the Ministry of Industry and Trade that will notify them into the system RAPEX.

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