Watch out for unlabelled e-cigarette fillings

(Ústí nad Labem, August 28, 2013) Some smokers who don’t want to give up their pleasure seek for less harmful alternatives among which electronic cigarettes have played major part in recent years. However as the number of buyers increases, so does the number of suggestions to controls submitted to the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. “Electronic cigarettes are mostly purchased in e-shops that often don’t comply with binding legal regulations. Therefore the CTIA recommends consumers to properly check labelling of liquid fillings, so called e-liquids, after having received ordered parcels. You shall not use unlabelled fillings and you shall return it to the seller,” advices Milan Bouša, the Acting Director of the Inspectorate for the Ústecký and Liberecký Regions.

Based on consumers’ submissions, CTIA inspectors joined by workers of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate carried out another inspection of e-shops focused on labelling of liquid filings, so called “e-liquids”, of electronic cigarettes. Inspectors checked delivered goods and found out that fillings that were parts of orders by the CTIA were not marked with stipulated information in Czech and obligatory safety symbols in compliance with applicable legislation – the Act No. 350/2011 Coll. on Chemical Substances. The shortcomings concerning marking of the above mentioned products will be further solved by the Czech Environmental Inspectorate within administrative proceedings.

Within investigations by the CTIA, inspectors also checked how the seller fulfils obligations stipulated for operating means of distance communication – e-shops. They found that in business terms and conditions the seller fails to provide proper information concerning payment and transport as provided by the Civil Code (section 53 par. 4 of the Act No. 40/1964 Coll.) in relation to the provision of the Act on Consumer Protection (section 5 par. 1 letter a) of the Act No. 634/1992 Coll.). Administrative proceedings concerning imposition of fine will be launched with the inspected company for using an unfair commercial practice – failure to provide important information.

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