Water analysis to start presentation event at your home

(Praha, April 25, 2016) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority warns consumers against offers of water analysis. During the past months leaflets offering water analysis directly at households occurred in a number of consumers’ mail boxes. People who invite an unknown person to their home based on the leaflet will see a well prepared sales presentation event indeed. The seller starts offering purchase of an overcharged product which would supposedly magically improve the quality of drinking water. But in fact the consumer would buy an apparatus which worsens the water quality – such modified water even poses serious risk to human body. “The Czech Trade Inspection Authority prohibited further distribution of the product called Aqua Pro which is said to be intended for modification of water and ordered its immediate withdrawal from the market and recall of the products from consumers who had bought it. The quality of drinkable tap water is regularly inspected, there is, hence, no need for any external apparatus,” said Jan Štěpánek, the Director of the CTIA Inspectorate of the Central Bohemia Region and the capital of Prague.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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