Wine festival in Mikulov without measuring tools

(Brno, September 16, 2013) Inspectors of the CTIA in South Moravia are also busy on the weekends. They check sellers at traditional wine festivals where refreshments, local specialities, souvenirs, and other goods or services are offered. “In almost half of the inspections we found infringements. While in Mikulov traders forgot that they have to use certified measuring tools, in Znojmo we detected failures to inform consumers about prices and amounts, incorrect billing and issue of incomplete bill of purchase. However, the misconducts were not serious, so we mostly resolved them by on-the-spot fines,” said Tatiana Neuhybelová, the Director of the CTIA Inspectorate seated in Brno.

Pálavské vinobraní – Mikulov
On Saturday September 6, 2013, CTIA inspectors checked sellers at Pálavské vinobraní in Mikulov. They selected 11 spots of sale and in five cases they detected violations of legal regulations supervised by the CTIA. In none of the cases, officially certified measuring tool was at disposal. Sellers breached their obligations by failing to enable consumers to check correct amount or weight of offered drinks or meals.

Znojemské vinobraní – Znojmo
On Saturday September 14, 2013, Inspectors focused on Znojemské vinobraní. At the wine festival in Znojmo, 11 spots of sale were also selected and breaches of legal regulations supervised by the CTIA were again detected in five cases – i.e. 45%. Consumers were not informed about prices of offered products, about amount of purchased drinks or weight purchased meals. Bill of purchase was issued without stipulated accessories, and in two cases, consummation within inspection was billed incorrectly.

Measures taken
On-the-spot fines amounting to 9.500 CZK in total were imposed to 9 inspected persons. Administrative proceedings will be launched with one entrepreneur.

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