Xylophone MDL 9207 isn’t suitable for game

(Prague, October 20, 2015) During regular monitoring of the market, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority detected that there is a xylophone which poses serious hazard to smallest users. The toy wasn’t labelled with required identification data and Czech information about the age of children to which it is intended was in contradiction with manufacturer’s pictogram on the product’s packaging. During laboratory pull test, foam underlay of the plates tore. Undesirable small parts and 4 pins carrying the xylophone’s metal plates hence separated and fitted into the test tube for small parts. It is therefore probable that within game with the xylophone a small child puts undesirable small parts into mouth and damages its airways in the consequence of inhalation of these parts. Distribution of the xylophone was prohibited and information about this product was published in the RAPEX system, file No. A 11/0081/15.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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