Inspections of e-shops proved repeated shortcomings

(Praha, March 28, 2019) In line with the development of e-commerce, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, regularly inspects the compliance with legal regulations, especially the Act on Consumer Protection. During the inspections, it focuses primarily on those e-shops that could be evaluated as potentially defective based on the CTIA research or information from third parties. In 2018, it carried out 992 inspections in e-shops and found violations of legal regulations in 851 cases. “Shortcomings in e-shops repeat. Resellers usually don’t inform...

CTIA took four noncompliant fuel samples in February

(Prague, March 28, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority kept inspecting the fuel quality and took 212 samples in February. Four fuel samples failed to meet the quality requirements. Compared to January 2019, quality deterioration in February 2019 was seen from 0.4% to 1.9% as regards non-compliant samples. Prohibition on sale was imposed on 4,260 litres of fuel in the value amounting to 139,695 Czech crowns.

Consumer discrimination is not in decline

(Prague, March 25, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority evaluated inspections focused on consumer discrimination in 2018. Last year, it conducted the total of 494 inspections and found suspicions of some form of discriminatory conduct in 13 cases, which represented 2, 6% of all inspections. This was more by 6 cases of discrimination than in 2017.

Results of inspections of work gloves

(Prague, March 22, 2019) Last year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out a national inspection action focused on work gloves with leather, which are an important personal protective equipment commonly used at work. CTIA inspected 59 types of products at 40 commercial entities. Deficiencies were found in 28 types, which represented 47% of cases. “The benefit of this national inspection action was the fact that the persons responsible for the safety of the inspected products have taken remedial measures to ensure that the deficiencies...

CTIA inspected restaurants and shops in Vysoké Mýto

(Hradec Králové, March 19, 2019) The Královéhradecký a Pardubický Inspectorate of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out an extraordinary inspection of the retail network and public alimentation facilities in Vysoké Mýto. It carried out 25 inspections and detected breaches of legal regulations in 11 cases. Vendors most frequently didn’t abide with the Act on Consumer Protection.

More than 50% of inspections in bazaars and pawnshops with breach of law

(Prague, March 13, 2019) During 3018, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspected compliance with law in bazaars and pawnshops. In total, the CTIA carried out 433 inspections and found 220 infringements, which as more than 50% of cases. Most often, traders violated the obligation to inform consumers about the possibility to claim goods or didn’t indicate in the proof of purchase that it was second-hand or defective goods. “During the inspections of bazaars and pawnshops, there was a slight decrease in the number of infringements compared to ...

„Glow stick“ is dangerous to children

(Prague, March 12, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority found out that there is a toy in the Czech market that can pose a risk to children. It is a product "Svítící tyčinka" (glow stick in English). The Czech Trade Inspection Authority ordered immediate withdrawal of the product from the market.

Inspections of explosives precursors in 2018

(Prague, March 11, 2019) Last year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspected compliance with the act which imposes the ban on selling certain chemical substances from which explosives could be produced without any registration or authorization. In 2018, the CTIA carried out 256 inspections and found violations of this act in 42 cases.

Inspections of sales in 2018

(Prague, March 8, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspected compliance with the offer and sale of goods within special offers and seasonal clearance sales that are held practically all through the year on the domestic market. In the course of last year, it carried out 5,161 inspections and found violations of law in 2,464 cases. Most often, the Act on Consumer Protection was breached when, for example, traders incorrectly charged the declared price of goods and didn’t state the final prices of products.

Fun rides must be safe

(Prague, March 7, 2019) During 2018, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out inspections focused on the safety of the operation of fun rides. The inspectors carried out 40 inspections. They inspected 90 fun rides, including rope centres. Deficiencies were found in 40 cases. “Inspection results confirm that there are some operational shortcomings in some products, which can be removed by operators very quickly. Nevertheless, it is necessary to continue in the inspections in order to prevent the use of non-compliant devices with a certai...
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