Delivery of coal requires attention!

(Report of third quarter of 2013)

(Prague, November 12, 2013) Inspections of supplies of solid fuels to consumers, especially coal, belong to the most difficult activities in terms of organisation. Besides inspections directly at workplaces and coal warehouses, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority also carries out inspections of distribution of orders both based on consumers’ complaints and its own knowledge of damaging consumer rights by traders supplying lower amount of fuel. In order to prove unlawful conduct it is necessary to ensure direct collaboration of other bodies, especially customs office and the police. In the third quarter when inspections of coal began, inspectors proved breaches of obligations in every third seller. Consumers should order coal from known suppliers, require information about prices and avoid suspiciously cheap offers. Besides information concerning quality of coal and its price, they have the right to weigh the supply before accepting it and to receive filled bill of purchase on their demand.

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