E-commerce (Report of the first half-year 2012)

(Prague, August, 2012) As the number of consumers connected to the Internet increases as well as their computer literacy, the number of deals concluded through e-shops increases as well. This way of shopping is more comfortable, faster and often also cheaper than the classic way of shopping. But is it also safer? Do e-shops respect the rights of consumers and abide with all legally stipulated obligations? Or do the e-shops’ operators use the anonymity of the Internet environment and breach the legal regulations or even cheat? The results of the controls carried out by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority in the first half-year 2012 showed that there were significantly more unfair vendors than the fair ones. Within 567 controls of e-shops, the CTIA inspectors found breaches of one or more obligations in 460 cases (i.e. 81.1%).

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