E-shops – first quarter of 2015

(Partial report of 1st quarter of 2015)

(Prague, June 16, 2015) Results of the inspection project of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority which focused on e-shops are not positive for consumers. The evaluation showed that a major part of vendors hasn’t modified terms and conditions pursuant to changes that were brought in by the new Civil Code which became effective in January 1, 2014, and they still inform consumers about claims conditions, possibility to withdraw from contract and other rights as previously governed by the already non-valid civil code. Other e-shops display wrong information in their business terms and conditions and thus deceive consumers which often makes them subjects of suggestions to inspections from unsatisfied consumers who turn to the Czech trade Inspection Authority. Incorrect or insufficient information is also a frequent reason why the number of flaws detected by CTIA inspectors is permanently high. Violations of generally binding legal regulations were detected in almost 80% of 350 inspections carried out in the evaluated period in which 225 fines amounting to 1 million CZK were imposed. “When shopping online, consumers should check identity of particular vendor and find out whether goods or service should be paid in advance because there are increasingly more cases when e-shops are fictitious or based in countries out of the European Union. Inspection in such countries is very difficult and claims of consumers are hard to enforce,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

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