Film festival ended with prizes and fines

(Pilsen, July 14, 2014) Life in Karlovy Vary returns to normal after the 49th International Film Festival, but it is not sure whether all guests return to their homes with good memories. CTIA inspectors may guess because all through the festival they inspected fairness of selling products and level of provided services. Inspection results showed that every third guest or customer was harmed. There were minor shortcomings, including missing information about prices of products and services as well as use of uncertified glasses and incorrect weight of meals or amounts of drinks in which too much ice was added. The highest incorrect billing resulted in the overcharge of 170 CZK. “Despite a slight improvement of the situation we cannot be satisfied with the level of product sale and provision of services in Karlovy Vary and we will seek ways to make entrepreneurs fully comply with laws. Here we speak about not only the reputation of theirs, but of the Czech Republic,” said Jan Řezáč, the Director of the CTIA inspectorate seated in Pilsen.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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