Floor coverings sold without CE marking of conformity

(Final report of 2013)

(Prague, January 23, 2014) Resilient, textile as well as laminate floor coverings that are designed for floors inside buildings or in exteriors were inspected within an action carried out from February 18 to October 15, 2013. During the project, inspectors of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority checked 94 distributors of these products in retail network and detected violations of the Act on Technical Requirements for Products in one third of cases. Offered floor coverings were not equipped with CE marking of conformity or other obligatory data and information was missing. CTIA imposed removal of detected shortcomings within a time limit and recommended consumers considering purchases of products in case that CE marking of conformity is missing or the particular product is not equipped with instructions for use and maintenance in Czech. Within the inspection action, a total of 49 fines amounting to 1,988,500 CZK were imposed. All inspectorates of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority participated in the inspection project.

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