Highest number of findings was in accommodation services and at swimming pools (Partial report from results of control action Summer Touristic Season)

(Prague, August 20, 2012) Touristic season starts for the CTIA inspectors long before the first day of the summer holidays because they monitor services focused on tourists already from the beginning of spring. On the grounds of the plan of the control activities and warnings from consumers as well as other knowledge, the inspectors check how the information obligations towards customers are fulfilled and especially whether traders conduct in a discriminative or unfair manner or whether they use unfair commercial practices. Inspectors have focused on burgs, castles, exhibitions and museums or accommodation facilities, sports venues, swimming pools and restaurants and public alimentation facilities. From April to the end of June, 287 various controls were carried out and breaches of obligations were found in 91 of them, i.e. 31.7%. This control action will continue until the end of September.

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