Inflatable toys without marking and warnings in Czech

(Final report – 2014)

(Prague, October 9, 2014) In the period when demand for inflatable water toys is at its peak an inspection action of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority was carried out focusing on these products. Despite continuous repeated inspections inspectors detected that anonymous toys and toys without CE marking are still offered in the market. They also discovered that offered water toys are not labelled with warnings or alerts about why a particular toy is not suitable for children of particular age or that such information is provided only in a foreign language. One or more shortcomings were detected in 83 of 174 inspections. Prohibitions of sale were imposed on 423 pieces of products amounting in total to 28,013 CZK. 59 fines amounting to 134,500 CZK came into force before the end of September. Other proceedings have not ended yet.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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