Inspections of toys – 1Q 2016

(Report of the 1st quarter 2016)  

(Prague, August 5, 2016) CTIA Inspectors proved frequent violations of laws in the first quarter of 2016 although repeated inspections of toys sellers are carried out. Breaches of applicable regulations were proven in 282 of 501 cases and 220 fines amounting to CZK 1,793,000 were imposed, including 199 cases (almost 40%) that concerned violations of the Act on Technical Requirements for Products and resulted in fines amounting to CZK 846,000. Prohibition was imposed on sale of 6,178 pieces of toys in the price of CZK 283,777. “Unfortunately, there are still products in the market that fail requirements stipulated in legal regulations. Inspection results suggested that not only inspection authorities, but also consumers should pay increased attention to whether the producer or importer is clearly identified on offered toys or its packaging. Anonymous toys fail the requirements for being placed on the market and can also pose a risk resulting from the failure to fulfil elementary requirements of the European legislation,” said the Director General of the CTIA Mojmír Bezecný.

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