Sales demonstration events

(Continuous report of 3rd quarter of 2013)

(Prague, October 31, 2013) Inspections of sales demonstration events also continued in 3rd quarter of 2013. As from the start of the year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority has inspected a total of 292 sales demonstration events or sales contracts concluded at such events and detected shortcomings in 213 inspections. A total of 133 fines amounting to 18.8 million CZK were imposed within the respective period. Appropriate trade licencing offices cancelled trade licences of four companies organizing sales demonstration events based on suggestion by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. Other suggestions concerning serious and repeated breaches of laws are under preparation. As from January 2014, the amendment of the Inspection Code will allow surveillance authorities to use audio and video recordings as proof of evidence within administrative proceedings which is to increase effectiveness of inspection. “Inspection results of 3rd quarter of 2013 don’t stem from decreased inspection activity, but from lower number of sales demonstration events. A number of unfair companies reduced or terminated their activities in the respective business field under the pressure of surveillance authorities. Unfortunately, a number of claims of the state as well as consumers have remained after all. It is mostly seniors who have to enforce their rights within court action,” said Vladimír Velčovský, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

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