Some radio controlled toys may be fined

(Ústí nad Labem, April 8, 2014) Have you selected a radio controlled car, plane or boat for your child? Then you should know that such toy can become very expensive indeed. Unexpected extra costs can be caused by the seller failing to meet obligations stipulated for such products in legal regulations. If the remote control operates on a different frequency than permitted, such entertainment can end up in a high fine to the user by the Czech Telecommunication Office. Inspections repeatedly carried out by the Inspectorate of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority in Ústecký and Liberecký Regions during the past period proved that radio controlled models operative on frequencies that are not permitted for toys in the Czech Republic are still available in the market. Therefore consumers should check information about the transmitting frequency of radio controlled models that they want to purchase. It is in their interest.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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