Switch-mode power supplies for notebooks did not comply with EMC requirements

(Report from inspections within the ADCO EMC campaign on behalf of the Czech Republic)

(Prague, July 4, 2013) Within the international ADCO EMC campaign, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority participated in inspections of switch-mode power supplies for notebooks in terms of their safety and electromagnetic compatibility. “Inspectors from the CTIA’s Technical Control Department inspected these electric devices at 9 subjects that supply them to the market as spare parts. There were 2 unsatisfactory products out of 5 products taken for laboratory examination. Respective arrangements were made in both cases. The Czech importer of the unsatisfactory power supply will face an administrative procedure on the grounds of violation of the Act on Technical Requirements for Products, the other case will be resolved by the surveillance authority in Netherlands, owing to the residence of the importer for the EU,” commented Vladimír Velčovský, Director General of the CTIA, on the results of the inspection project.

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