Unfair vendors at summer and autumn Flora Olomouc

(October 20, 2014, Ostrava) Both the summer and the autumn phases of the international gardening fair FLORA OLOMOUC attracted record number of both laic and professional fans of gardening, flowers, and decorative plants. Besides admiring exhibition of stalls with flowers and other items as well as news from the respective field visitors could purchase tools for gardeners as well as various souvenirs and presents offered by sellers in stalls with refreshments, textile goods as well as other products. Inspectors of the CTIA were present at the both events to inspect in total 53 selling points. They detected defects in 17 cases. Less significant shortcomings were resolved by on-the-spot fines amounting to 7,000 CZK in total. Other shortcomings have become object to administrative proceedings,” said Boris Stabryn, the Director of the CTIA Inspectorate based in Ostrava.


The complete rpess release is available in the attachment.

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