Watch out when purchasing garden machinery

(Final report of the project of 2015)

(Praha, April 20, 2016) When the spring is closing in, gardeners wonder about a better weather for their work in the garden and also check whether their old garden machinery can help them or whether it is necessary to get rid of some old machines and replace them with new ones or buy any missing product. If they choose garden combustion-engine-powered machinery, knowledge of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority from an inspection project carried out in 2015 could help them. 115 product types of small garden equipment were inspected at 90 entities and inspectors detected flaws in 10 cases of 10 product types. “Within the inspection action especially defects of formal nature were discovered, such as shortcomings in EC Declaration of Conformity, missing marking on products as well as defects in accompanying documentation, e.g. missing Czech translation. Despite inspections proved that the knowledge of importers and manufacturers is mostly on a good level regarding technical legislation, consumers are recommended not to underestimate marking and labelling of products and their machinery with accompanying instructions for use as well as information in Czech. They can avoid possible subsequent complications during the use or maintenance of the machinery,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

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