Increase of e-commerce brings more infringements

(Prague, November 13, 2020) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority continued to inspect online shops during the pandemic period. In the third quarter of 2020, it carried out 160 inspections and saw breaches of the Consumer Protection Act in 128 cases, i.e. 80%." At the time of the pandemic, the public prefers to make purchases over the Internet. For this reason, new e-shops also occur, some of which have problems complying with the law. E-shop operators most often fail to inform consumers about the subject of out-of-court resolution of consumer d...

Stay vigilant when shopping online

(Prague, 6 November 2020) Closed establishments and the threat of COVID-19 disease have forced increasingly more consumers to shop online, although they have so far avoided this form of shopping. Last year, CTIA saw a total of 5,641 consumer submissions relating to online sales, but this figure from 2019 has just been surpassed and this year is far from over. "The Czech Trade Inspection Authority is therefore aware of the fact that consumers are often disappointed when buying on the Internet and therefore, in addition to inspections, we also co...

Even at the time of the first wave of the epidemic, CTIA inspected toys safety

(Prague, 5 November 2020) In the second quarter of this year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspected 307 models of toys for children under 14 years of age. It found deficiencies in 129 models. Most often it was missing information needed to identify the manufacturer or importer of the toy, as well as shortcomings in information for consumers, such as lack of warnings and instructions in the Czech language. During this period, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority assessed 4 toy models as dangerous.

How to claim at the time of closed shops

(Prague, 3 November, 2020) At times of emergency, consumers are advised to proceed primarily with regard to their own health and that of others. We recommend that you postpone the handling of matters that are not strictly necessary until the situation calms down, when the operation of entrepreneurs returns to a normal mode. Nevertheless, many consumers deal with a situation when a two-year period soon expires and the establishment where they purchased the defective goods (shoes, electronics etc.) is temporarily closed.
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